Esmalglass - Itaca Group

The group Esmalgass-Itaca recognizes the importance and the need to protect our natural habitat, and pledges to preserve it by assuming an active and responsible role minimizing the negative impact by all possible means on our environment and surroundings.

We work from the full awareness of our environmental footprint and this is why we have redesigned the way we do things. Thanks to our great adaptability to changes, we have responded to the environmental challenges arisen, and thus we have acquired the commitment to use techniques and implement corrective measures in order to improve the environmental impact in all processes by establishing a series of environmental improvement programs.

  • Recycling of the industrial water generated during our manufacturing process.
  • We’ve gone beyond the norms of gas emission laws by minimizing to the highest level the emission of the gases into the atmosphere.
  • We use natural gas as our main fuel, one of the cleanest.
  • Recycling of residues and rejects generated during our manufacturing process.
  • We study and analyse cleaner alternatives to the current raw materials in use.
  • Global selective recycling system of all rejects, plastics, cartons, etc...
  • We have a system of reusing packaging (pallets, bags, vats, big-bags, etc.) to minimize the generation of this kind of residues.

At the same time, with this environmental policy we encourage our suppliers and contractors to follow the same principles that we set ourselves. We also disseminate this policy among the staff of the company providing the appropriate trainings for the staff to perform their commitments in a responsible manner in order to protect the environment.

In Spain we are one of the first companies in the sector to obtain the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI) and the ISO 14.001 Certification Environmental Management System