Esmalglass - Itaca Group


Esmalglass-Itaca Group has always been aware that the customer is who determines the quality of any product or service. In this sense, the main objective of Esmalglass-Itaca Group is to satisfy customers and, thus, to achieve it is essential suppliers, employees and Shareholders to be result-oriented (European Business Excellence Model). Esmalglass-Itaca Grupo's integrated management systems (based on international standards) are developed according to policies aligned with its business mission (available upon request).

País Nombre Certificado Descargar

España   ITACA - SGS - Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad ISO 9.001:2015
España   ITACA - SGS - Sistema de Gestión Medioambiental ISO 14.001:2015
España ITACA-SGS-Sistema de Gestión en Seguridad y Salud en el trabajo ISO 45001:2018 
España ESMALGLASS S.A.U. - Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015
España ESMALGLASS S.A.U. - Environmental Management System ISO 14001 
España ESMALGLASS S.A.U. - Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSH) - ISO 45001:2018
Brasil TUV NORD - Management system as per ISO 9001:2015
Brasil TUV NORD - Sistema de Gestão para NBR ISO 9001:2015

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