Esmalglass - Itaca Group

Vehicles for Rotary inks (Rollglass)

This products family is especially suited to all types of roll printed decorations. These materials have been developed to maintain colour suspensions even under conditions of very low viscosity and for high production rates requiring high printing speeds.

Vehicles for silk-screen inks

Aseries of more traditional vehicles for the preparation of inks with higher viscosity’s, to be used with both flat and rotary silk-screens made from either nylon or polyester cloth. There is a series classified as “Auto-fixing” requiring no preliminary treatment with laminated material fixers before their use.

Silk-screen ink fixers

Fixers are substances with the function of preparing the raw glaze layer for decoration by means of a thin film of material applied as a wet mist. These materials facilitate silk-screening and prevent sticking and displacement of the decorative layer by the silk-screen itself.

Granito Fixers

Granito fixers are organic binders that allow a correct fixing of particles, making possible a wide range of application weights and lack of organic residues after firing.