Esmalglass - Itaca Group


The Esmalglass-Itaca group recognizes the importance and the need to protect our natural habitat, and pledges to preserve it by assuming an active and responsible role minimizing the negative impact by all possible means on our environment and surroundings.

Environmental consciousness has driven us away from the old ways of executing business and led us to a series of new conducts. We are proud to be one of the pioneers of our sector in procuring the Integrated Environmental Authorization as well as the ISO 14.001 Certificate related to environmental management. 

Our commitment to environmental awareness has gone beyond the established norms by introducing a series of improvements:

  • Recycling of the industrial water generated during our manufacturing process.
  • We’ve gone beyond the norms of gas emission laws by minimizing to the highest level the emission of the gases into the atmosphere.
  • The use of natural gas
  • Self efficient generator producing 70% of internal power and reducing the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Recycling of residues and rejects generated during our manufacturing process.
  • We study and analyse cleaner alternatives to the current raw materials in use.
  • Global selective recycling system of all rejects, plastics, cartons, etc…

eco-S, eco-sustainable products.

These new conducts we’ve implemented have pressed us to introduce a new line of product plummeting significantly the use of natural resources and reducing the gas and CO2 emissions.

In addition to the new line of environmentally safe products, our group has contributed in the development of the low profile tile SlimBODY which thanks to its slimness manufacturers will be able to reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

The Eco-S products being the consequence of our environmental awareness philosophy will help tile manufacturers to reach the international norms established regarding environmental issues and will give their product an added value.

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