Esmalglass - Itaca Group

Engobes for ribbing

Very refractory glazes with sufficient plasticity to be applied to the lower face of the support or the “ribbing”. These glazes prevent the slow and progressive dirtying of the rollers of the kiln due to the fusion of accumulations of raw body materials on the rollers.

Engobes for bodies

Glazes developed for each type of body keeping in mind the expansion properties of the body in relation to temperature, the firing cycle employed and the plastic conditions as effected by the glazing lines.

Base glazes

Commonly known as glazes, bases, coverings, varnish, etc. There are many types in function of the technology used and the type of decoration required. In a very generic way these materials can be described as transparent, opaque or a combination of the two. Each or the three descriptions can be classed as high gloss, matte, of semi-matte.

Both neutral and coloured silk-screen ink

Neutral silk-screen inks consist of a diverse range of materials and effects, with particle sizes inferior to 45 microns. They are used in the preparation of inks with vehicles of varying viscosity dictated by the printing method used. Coloured silk-screen inks are produced with high speed mixing technologies.


Granito is composed of physical irregular chips of frit applied dry in either homogeneous or heterogeneous dispersions by adequate equipment over the surface of glazed ceramic ware and fixed in place with proper fixers. Particle sizes offered are in relation to standardised intervals. Products obtained using granito are useful from the decorative standpoint as well as the solution to many physical problems encountered in use. Usual particle size ranges are inferior to 2, 1.5, 1, 0.75, and 0.5 mm.


Granules are products of a wide variety of glazes. They are compact and round in form. They are sufficiently strong to be handled and used. As is the case with granito, granules are manufactured in standardised particle-size ranges and improve both appearance and physical properties of the piece to which they are applied. The most usual sizes offered are inferior to 2, 1.5, 1, 0.75 and 0.5mm.


Micro-granules are a very fine sized fraction of material identical to granules. Sizes include 200, 125 and 90 microns. This material is ideally suited to use in special decorating processes and especially where colours are imparted by simple mixture.


Micro-spheres are totally fused glaze materials with a high strength and round in form, giving them a very high mobility useful in special decorating techniques. Micro-spheres are delivered in both coloured and uncoloured variations and in sizes inferior to 300, 210 and 110 microns.

Atomised materials

Atomised materials with agglomerated sizes inferior to 500, 300, 200, 125 and 90 microns are very useful in decorations applied in dry processes over glazed surfaces. They are also highly useful in double pressing techniques.

Estructured materials (platelets, etc.)

Structured materials include a variety of products. Included are platelets, agglomerates, etc. They are irregular and come in wide range of sizes useful in double charge pressing methods.