Esmalglass - Itaca Group

Glaze stains (CE series)

Color stains in the CE series have been specially formulated for the colouration of glazes used in the production of ceramic tile and satisfying the following criteria: ease of use, constancy and homogeneity, minimum reaction with the glaze, intense colouration, wide cromatic range and low cost.

The CE series is characterized by its overall high performance and excellent behavior with all types of glazes thanks toits easy dispersability.

The enhancement of particle size distribution and the selection of systems based on highly stable crystalline structures helps to optimize colourant characteristics, thereby achieving greater homogeneity in colouring and increased colour stability insofar as temperature, which improves the intensity and definition of the decoration.

Body stains (CP series)

The CP series for body stains is specially designed for the use in the manufacturing of porcelain stoneware, standing out due to its high performance, homogeneity and compatibility in this type of compositions, not altering at all the body firing ranges.

The CP series has been designed to optimize the price-performance ratio, contributing with aesthetic and economic value to our customers’ products.

The body stains of the CP series have been developed to collaborate in body compositions by wet method, either by their incorporation in ball-mills or by direct dispersion in slip before spray-drying.

Dry coloring (CPD series)

Dry colour mixing was developed in response to the need of porcelain tile manufacturers. This technique enables spray-dried powder to be colored just prior to pressing, thereby increasing the flexibility of the process and fully customizing the shades of the coloured powder chart.

The CPD series enables excellent dosing and a fast, homogeneous coating of the spray-dried base granules, guaranteeing a highly successful coloring operation.