Esmalglass - Itaca Group

Neutral and coloured silk-screen inks

Neutral and coloured silk-screen inks for third-fire applications are formulated materials especially suited to short, low temperature firing cycles (As low as 800 degrees centigrade, and as short as 30 minutes).


Lustre’s come in a wide range of colours and tones ranging from silver, through grey, blue and greet. Firing temperature is 800 degrees centigrade.


Bright liquid gold to be applied with brush, spray, etc. to be applied over porcelana, earthenware, vitrified tile, etc. Firing temperatures range from 750 to 840 degrees centigrade.


Bright silver paste to be applied over vitrified surfaces of porcelana, earthenware and glazed tile using silk-screening methods. Differing grades of purity are available to satisfy the diverse needs of the market. Firing temperatures range from 740 to 850 degrees centigrade.


Vitrified material for intended for high volume dry application. Different textures and colours are available in matte, transparent, silky and opaque. The various vitrified materials are available in different particle sizes and can be applied with a variety of application technologies.


Glazes of different appearances and softnesses converted into microspheres to be dry applied and thus achieve different aesthetic appearances on rivens. They have a high fluidity and a great possibility to be coloured by coating with a simple mixed.